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The Proceeding 


the International Conference 

of the Environmental Hazards Mitigation

September, 2000


Under the Auspices of :

Prof. Dr. Mofeed Shehab

Minister of High Education and

Minister of State for Scientific Research


Prof. Dr. Nadia Makram Ebied

Minister of State for Environmental affairs


Prof. Dr. Sayed Meshaal

Minister of State for Military Production


Prof. Dr. Nagib El Hilaly Gohar

President of Cairo University



Prof. Dr. Amir Nassef

Vice-President of Cairo University for

Social and Environmental Development



Prof. Dr. Yehia Abdel Hady

Director of Center of Environmental Hazards

Mitigation, Cairo University



Performance of Drainage Geotextiles For Sustainable Development of Soil and Water Resources In Egypt - El-Gamall, M. A. L, and El-Shafey, Tarek M -Full Text- page 1


Slope Stability of theMiddle Eocene Rocks of Gebel Mokattam

Mahmoud S.M. Yousif   - Full Text- page 14


Supplying power of some soils of Egypt for Mn and Fe - Full Text- page33


Sustainable Environmental Development Practices of Soil and Water Resources In Kuwait - Ahmad Abou Farsan  and Mahdi Al-Sayed  - Full Text- page47


Measurement and Analysis of the effect of ground vibrations induced by blasting at the limestone quarries of the Egyptian cement company- Elseman I. Abdel-Rasoul  - Full Text- page 54


Stress level estimation for the ground beneath the 15th of May City building, Helwan, Cairo , Egypt- A.A. Tealeb, M.  Sobaih, A. A. Mohamed, and Kamal Abdel-Rahman  - Full Text- page  72


Voids Investigation at Gabbari Tombs, Alexandria , Egypt Using Ground Penetrating Radar Technique- Adel ElFouly  - Full Text-  page 84


Environmental monitoring of north Sinai with emphasis on factors affecting the salinity of some sediments- Ahmed F. A. Yousef and Ibrahim A. El Shenawy  - Full Text- page  91


Spectral Analysis and scaling relations of Cairo Earthquake sequence of Oct. 12,1992 recorded at KEG VBB Station- Hussein. H. M. , Farouk M.A.- Full Text- page102  


Waste management- A future challenge for the protection of mineral sources- Salah Mokhtar   - Full Text- page 118


Clean energy

Feasibility of clean energy from wind over Egypt- A.M. El-Asrag, M. A. Sayed, M. Abd El-Reheem, and A. Awad- Full text- page 124


Wind and solar energy as a source of reducing environmental pollution-D.A. Abdullaev, V.E. Chub, R.I. Isaev, G.A. Tolkacheva- Full text- page 134


Modeling and simulation of terrestrial solar radiation for interbuild Egypt 2000- Sobhy Ahmed El Massah  - Full text- page139


Geophysical parameters and crustal temperatures characterizing tectonic and heat flow Provinces of Egypt- Hassan M. Hosney - Full text- page 152


A simple charcoal kiln for hardwoods or other dense biomass (quick, efficient, economic with low environmental impact)- Hassan Gomaa and Mohmed Fathi  - Full text- page167


Climatic Change

The variability of wintertime precipitation in the northern coast of Egypt and its Relationship with the North Atlantic Oscillation- Y. Y. Hafez and H. M. Hasanean  - Full Text- page 175

Giza monuments and local climatic change- Robaa, S. M. - Full Text- page  187


Five years ahead prediction of Indian droughts; A triumph for solar terrestrial relations- Shahinaz Yousef - Full Text- page  201


Alert El Sahel countries; Drought is approaching- Shahinaz Yousef - Full Text- page  209


The sharp rise of Lake Victoria , a positive indicator to solar wolf-Gleissberg cycles turning points- Shahinaz M. Yousef and  Morsi Amer -Full Text- page  222

Case study for predicting extreme weather phenomenon over Cairo-   Ahmed El-Sayd Yousef and Mahmoud Abd El-Rahm Ahmed - Full Text- page   235

The Great Nile Floods of 1998 and 1999; Sucessful forecasts using solar terrestrial relations and real data-  Shahinaz Yousef  - Full Text- page 250

Nile Flood 2000 forecast- Shahinaz M. Yousef  - Full Text- page 263                                                                                  


The Solar Wolf-Gleissberg Cycle and its influence on the earth-  Shahinaz M. Yousef     -Full Text- page 267






Water and the Environment

Faults and Fractures Intersections Delineation as a Tool for Groundwater Detection

Using Remote Sensing and Ground Penetrating Radar Techniques at Saint Catherine

area, Southern Sinai , Egypt.- Adel Elfouly -Full Text (PDF)- page  293

Assessment of water quality at the intake of El-Tabia Industrial Complex- Ashraf S.

Hassan, Mekkaway M. Akel, Ghazy E. Abdel Kerim, and Mona G Mohamed -Full Text (PDF)- page 312


Alleviation of Environmental Pollution Using Nuclear Techniques Recycling of Sewage Water and Sludge in Agriculture: A Case Study- Rawia A. El-Motaium -Full Text (PDF)- page 323

Assessment of the drainage water reuse in the irrigation improvement areas, Kafr

El Sheikh governorate of Egypt-  A.El-Ganzori, .T. Abdel Gawad, A.El-Sayed, and

Adel Hashim -Full Text (PDF)- page  333


Air and the Environment

A Study of Air Pollutants During Episodes- Bjarne Sivertsen, Haytham A.Ahmed,

Heba F.Ahmed, and  Mai E.Ahmed  -Full Text (PDF)- page 345

Mitigation Measures for Vehicles Exhaust Emissions- Samir El Mowafy,  

Ramy Riad, and Ahmed Kamal  -Full Text (PDF)- page 362


The Development and Results of 1999 Lead Emission Inventory for the Greater

Cairo Area- Mounir Labib, Jim Howes, Mohammed Hassan ,

and Ahmed G. Abdel-Rehiem  -Full Text (PDF)- page 371


Insurance and Disaster management

Recycling industry and its Insurance- Safia Ahmed Abou Baker -

 Full Text (PDF)- pages 384  


Fire Hazards caused by flammable and combustible materials-  Safia Ahmed Abou Baker - Full Text (PDF)- pages 420  


Capacity a solvency problems of natural disaster insurance- Adel Mouneer Abd Elhameed  - Full Text (PDF)- pages442  

The international flood mitigation for the Red River : A model for a practical,

transboundary, citizen-participatory process for watershed flood damage reduction

and community resiliency-Jane Bullock, George Haddow, Richard Gross,

and Brad Crabtree  - Full Text (PDF)- pages449  


Environmental Hazards in Palestine (Arabic)- Mohamed Tabil, Hesham matar,

Nabil Zakout, Bassem Shoumar, Yasser Abou Al  Quambis, Salim Kohail,

Kamal Shaat, Osama Shahin, Mohamed Abu Diya, Fady Soliman  - Full Text (PDF)- pages459


Soil, Plants and the Environment

Fate of some heavy metals in sandy soil amended with sewage sludge

and their accumulation in plants S. H. Badawy, and R. A. El-Motaium                              - Full Text (PDF)- page 483  


Nitrate Accumulation, Growth, Yeild and chemical composition of  Rocket

(Eruca vesicaria subsp. Sativa) plant as affected by NPK fertilization, Kinetin

and Salicylic Acid.- A. H. Hanafy Ahmed, M. K. Khalil, and Amal M. Farrag.              - Full Text (PDF)- page 495

Reducing Nitrate accumulation in Lettuce (Lactica Sativa L.) plants by using

diferent biofertilizers- A. H. Hanafy Ahmed, J. F. Mishriky, and M. K. Khalil              - Full Text (PDF)- page 509  


Distribution Pattern of Some Heavy Metals in Soil and Plants along El-Moukattam

Highway- Ibrahim M. El-Gamal - Full Text (PDF)- page518  


Interaction between Cobalt and Salinity on the plant growth- Ibrahim M. El-Gamal         - Full Text (PDF)- page  525  


Impact of Aswan High Dam on the Aquatic Weed Ecosysrem- 

Ibrahim A. El-Shinnawy, Mohamed Abdel-Meguid, Mohamed M. Nour Eldin, Mohamed F. Bakry -Full Text (PDF)- page 534



Heavy Metals contamination 

and the Human Health


Heavy Metals in Drinking Water and the Environmental Impact on Human Health , Hanaa, M., Salem , Eweida, A., Eweida and  Azza Farag  - Full Text (PDF)- page 542



Radioactivity and the Environment


In Vivo and in Vitro Radiation Dose Measurements in Radio-iodine Therapy of

Thyroid Cancer - H.I.Farag,F.Ahmad, S.A.Gaafar, Noha E. and,H.M.Eissa                     - Full Text (PDF)- page 557  


Calibration of Radon Monitors and Its Associated Uncertainties In NIS Egypt Radon Calibration Chamber- M. Mansy, H. El-Samman, M. A. Hassan, E. Mahfouz,

H. Eissa and M. El-Fik  - Full Text (PDF)- page 569  


Effect of Variation in the Ambient Temperature on the NIST Encapsulated 222Rn

Emanation Standard Source - M. Mansy, H. El-Samman, M. A. Hassan, E. Mahfouz,

H. Eissa and M. El-Fiki - Full Text (PDF)- page 576 


Uranium ores and the environmental Impact on human health risks-

H.M. Salem  - Full Text (PDF)- page580  


Minerals Reconnaissance at Saint Catherine Area, Southern Central Sinai, Egypt and their Environmental Impacts on Human Health. H.M.Salem and ElFouly A. - Full Text (PDF)- page.586


Spatial relations of the fracture intersections, hydrothermal alterations, and

the aeroradiometric measurements for selected areas at the North Eastern Desert , Egypt and their health risk considerations- Adel ElFouly  - Full Text (PDF)- page 599


Strategy of the 21st century fir a global nuclear energy safety system program-

A.M. Youssef   - Full Text (PDF)- page 612