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Virtual Academia is offering safe Desert ecotourism trips with to much knowledge, adventure, and fun. Our targets customer are educated, nature, and adventure lovers, from age 14 to 65 years old*.


* Different range of ages can be negotiated and arranged in advance.


Four types of field trips can be provided through Virtual Academia:

  1. One day field trips,

  2. Five days field trips,

  3. Research and Training Camps, and

  4. Custom field trips.

The one day field trips are mainly concentrated on the Egyptian protectorates in Sinai, Eastern and Western Deserts.

The Great Sahara Oasis trip will let you observe and experience the miracle of existing life in the heart of dead desert.

The southern Sinai trip will take you to the a holy land with a very special nature were prophets Abraham, Josef, Moses and Jesus walk on its land.


Due to the nice outcrops and suitable weather beside the peaceful nature of Egypt, it can be considered the most ideal place for geologic mapping, and geophysical investigation field camps for undergraduate earth sciences schools students.


Custom field trips can be arranged for certain areas in the Egyptian deserts, with at least three months for desert permit arrangements.



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